From thoughts to words

I do love books and writings. And in fact, I love People. My site is a gateway to my thoughts, and a portal for the people think alike. I am opening my world to your view, by putting  down the mask and breaking all walls. I am expressing my thoughts and feelings with you, to validate it by your opinions and perceptions. Thank you for stopping by; you are most welcome to my site.



My mind-  

sways like a thousand fluttering blue-green peacock feathers,

meanders in the flower gardens  like a honey bee,

yet, fears the thunder and lightnings  of  the world,

penetrates into the fathomless bottom of thoughts,

in search of the jewel of gratification for my yearning soul.

–  Mayoori S Kumar








  1. wow, I am amazed at how alike we are in our likes/views! I too am a garden bug, in fact started my own landscaping business at the age of 52! (lifelong dream) I now have 3 grandchildren that I am trying to teach the love of nature. My (almost) two year old grandson loves to be outdoors with me!

  2. Hi Lorieb,
    I am glad to hear that you are also a Garden bug. Congratulations! for your new business. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your views. Keep in touch 😊😍

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